spyro enter the dragonfly

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spyro enter the dragonfly

Beitragvon rockebella » Mo 21. Nov 2005, 10:32

Hallo zusammen ,brauche mal eure Hilfe

Ich bin gerade in der Diebeshöhle und muste leider feststellen das mir noch eine libelle fehlt,nach dem Atlas zu urteilen ist es die erste.
Weis echt nicht mehr wo ich noch suchen soll. :confused:
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Beitragvon Cyby » Mo 21. Nov 2005, 18:52

hallo :)

1. Atsuki
Found: Thieves Den
How: In the latter parts of the Thieves Den, you'll be doing a lot of platform jumping. Dangerous platform jumping.
There's a little hidden platform way below the other platforms, with water dripping off of it.
There's not a better description I could possibly give this platform,
it's hard to explain (as is the entire Thieves Den stage).
This red Dragonfly won't put up a fight at all - just use your Bubble Breath to capture it.

2. Charlotte
Found: Thieves Den
How: To find Charlotte, you must first be in the circular area after coming up
to this floor via a lifter near the beginning of the stage.
If you're following the walkthrough, it's in the circle by the fifth and sixth wizard we kill.
Anyway... if you work your way up and around on the platforms attached to the walls in this area,
the last platform will seem to be the end...
but look towards the middle of the room.
A few hanging platforms will be there.
You'll find a Gem, an extra life butterfly, and most importantly, Charlotte the Dragonfly.

3. Coppertop
Found: Thieves Den
How: To win Coppertop the Dragonfly, you have to win the Time Attack III challenge at the Thieves Den sector.

4. Jordan
Found: Thieves Den
How: To get the yellow Dragonfly named Jordan,
you have to approach the large chasm after you slay the sixth Wizard in the Thieves Den.
Over this large chasm are pendulums, and in between each pendulum is a platform.
On the very first platform we come to is Jordan.
Have your Bubble Breath ready and capture him before he runs away,
sending him back to the safety of the Dragon Realms.

5. Marta
Found: Thieves Den
How: To get Marta, you must complete the Ice Breath Challenge II in the Thieves Den,
which is located on the upper platforms at the end of the Thieves Den sector.
Winning this simplistic challenge will net you Marta.

6. Martin
Found: Thieves Den
How: In one of the last areas of the stage,
there are a series of platforms hugging the walls while there is mostly platforms below on the main floor.
You get to these platforms via a lifter. On your path through the platforms, you'll run into Martin.
He won't put up too much of a fight,
just use your Bubble Breath technique to capture him and send him back to the Dragon Realms.

7. Mickey
Found: Thieves Den
How: Mickey is easy to get - as you know, the primary objective in the Thieves Den stage
is to kill the ten Wizards plaguing the area with their magical spells.
After you kill them all, talk to the thief standing outside of the portal back to the Dragon Realms.
For your hard work (only if you've killed the ten Wizards... nine isn't good enough!)
he'll reward you with Mickey!

8. Morpheus
Found: Thieves Den
How: To get Morpheus, you have to win the Electric pole Platform Challenge in the Thieves Den.
beating the Wizard enemy at the middle of this area will net you this particular Dragonfly.

9. Neo
Found: Thieves Den
How: To win Neo the Dragonfly, you must win the Race the Thieves challenge over at the Thieves Den.
Learn the course well and fly through it like a true champion,
and you'll be rewarded with this Dragonfly.

10. Racket
Found: Thieves Den
How: You know that Thieves Key we got about halfway through the Thieves Den?
Well, use that key on the treasure chest on the platform behind and above the starting area to the Thieves Den.
Once you have the key, wait until you've killed all ten Wizards in the area,
then work your way back to the beginning of the area.
Lifters will be there so that you can get to the treasure chest,
use your Thieves Key, and get this particular Dragonfly.
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