hilfe beim game ever Grace

Alles rund um die Konsolen von Sony. (PS3, PS Vita usw.)
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hilfe beim game ever Grace

Beitragvon sweatnest » Sa 5. Feb 2005, 20:30

Ich habe probleme mit Sharline. Nachdem Kampf mit Sienna, bin ich zu einer vulkan Insel gekommen. wobei ich zu den felsen gegangen bin aber ich komme nicht weiter,ich kann die felsen nicht bewegen!könnt ihr mir vielleicht helfen?
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Beitragvon Cyby » Sa 5. Feb 2005, 21:48

hallo sweatnest :)
vielleicht hilft dir das etwas weiter :)

The Abandoned Road

Not fun. Not at all. I don't like this area, I didn't write down compass directions on
how to get to the places described in this version, but practical directions, which seem
to make a little sense.
From the start, proceed forward and drop down when you reach the
end of the path. Then continue along the path until you reach a fork, where you should take a left.
Once you reach a small bridge, cross over it, and take either path and once
you did what you need to, take the other path.
One path leads to a red slime and a spider monster;
the spider monster drops a purple sphere, which you need to pick up.
The other path there is a cave blocked by boulders and a save point. Use crush on the boulders and
pick up the elite bow.

Then return to the other side of the bridge, where you came from
and continue the path you would've taken. Walk ahead until you reach a path with another path under it.
Jump down onto the path on the right, and walk forward, over the lava to
the treasure chest to get the red sphere.
Turn around and walk along the path till you drop down,
onto an area on the other side of the bridge.
Return to the path you were on before you dropped down to get the sphere and continue forward until you find two pedestals.
Place the spheres on them and walk across the magic bridge.
Then walk forward until you reach a room with a man who is on a cross. Before you talk to him, take the mushroom to the left of the room.
Sharlene doesn't really get too many mushrooms... after
the mushroom, walk forward and meet... Red Breeze
Quelle: Gamefaqs
gruss Cyby

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Beitragvon Taigaa » Sa 5. Nov 2005, 17:14

Also einfach die keule nehmen und Zerstörer anwenden

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