Projekt Eden Lösung

Alles rund um die Konsolen von Sony. (PS3, PS Vita usw.)
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Projekt Eden Lösung

Beitragvon Tamagott » Do 5. Aug 2004, 19:21

:abuse: Meine Frau kommt nicht weiter mit Projekt Eden auf PS2
gibts ne Komplettlösung auf Deutsch?

Ziemlich am Ende Level Eden:

Mann kann durch ein Terminal eine Kamera benutzen:
Eine große Halle mit 2 Schußanlagen an der Decke
Ist in einem Gang bei einem Energieauflader,
dort kann man mit einem Aufzug nach oben fahren, dort über schwankenden Eisenbrücken zur großen Halle. In der Halle kommt man auf einem Steg im 2. Geschoß raus. Dort wird man jedoch immer abgeschossen.
So wurde mir das Problem in Kurzfassung erklärt :bye:

Weiß jmd. wie es geht?

Planung ersetzt den Zufall durch den Irrtum.
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Beitragvon Cyby » Do 5. Aug 2004, 20:11

hallo Tamagott :)

habe leider keine deutsche Lösung dazu gefunden :(
eine englische kann ich dir geben,
habe Projekt Eden auch leider selber nicht gespielt das ich da so weiterhelfen kann :(

habe es etwas durch gelesen
ist sie da wo man,wenn man durch eine Kamera schaut in eine Zelle schaut?
dann habe ich gelesen das ein Aufzg nach unten fällt und man darauf nach oben klettern kann, vielleicht muss sie das zuerst machen

The last level. It's not particularly hard or long, however; in fact, like the
rest of the game, you might find it a breeze. Unlike other levels, you can go
overkill with ammo, although having 50+ batteries near the end will be both easy
and useful.

Send Minoko forwards. There's a button on the door, it looks like the door
handles on the very first levels. Press it, and the doors will open. Careful:
there's lots of monsters beyond, and they come in waves.

Head in the corridor and hug the right wall tightly. Guess what's in the next
room? A ceiling cannon! You need to hide behind the panel in front of it, then
turn around and enter the door. Try the Time Shock if you're in real trouble.

Once you're in this door, quickly get inside and stick left. It'll be safer if
you circle this room from that side. You'll soon see two panels, a red and a
blue one. The blue panel is a weapons energy panel, while the red panel is a
computer panel.

Making sure you're on the side of the panel you want to activate, and not in
front of it (remember: ceiling cannon), recharge as necessary and access the
computer panel.

Hack into the redded out cannon; it's the one just outside. Kill anything that
moves, while you're there. Now access the other cannon and look around. There's
a metal beam suspended on a chain; hit the conjuction between the chain's hook
and the beam, and it'll fall down. Disconnect and rejoin the team.

Now get the whole team up this beam, and blow the metal barrier if you haven't
already. Get inside, and look down the hole: finally, one of the lost
technicians! A monster seems about to attack him, so to kill that quickly, shoot
the shelves nearest the hole: they'll fall down and crush the monster.

I guess you know what happens next... jump down, killing the monsters, then head
through the doorway to the left. Two holes open near the ceiling, and a large
wooden plank falls down. Kill the monster that comes out of one hole, then get
at least two characters on the tallest part of the plank.

This will make the plank tilt the other side - and start a monster spawner
beyond the hole you can't access. They keep coming, and they won't stop until
the level is almost over. But don't go up the plank yet - send Amber ahead.

Up there the floor is electrified; activate the cable that's causing all this,
and Amber will move it. The floor is now safe, so get the team up here. If
you're wondering, the other tunnel leads absolutely nowhere, so go forwards to
the end of this corridor.

Unlock the door with Carter, and have Minoko lead the team in. Raise hands who
didn't see something like this coming. You've had plenty hints about who's the
culprit in the last several levels.

Notice how he's trying to reach a piece of machinery; if you check it out,
you'll see that you need something to activate it. Ah, well, let's go on.
There's only one way forwards, so take it. Shoot the sensor above the doors to
open (rather, destroy) the doors.

Just outside, you'll be in a corridor. You're between two fires, so rush down
into the broken part of the floor! Down there, follow the corridor and activate
the regen. Take out anyone who's followed you, and you're safe.

If you're wondering: to the left is a corridor which floor breaks, and a
LOT of monsters come out; to the right is the spawner room, which is guarded by
a cannon - and you can do little in there but die.

Now, back near the regen, recharge everyone (the panel nearby is a weapons
energy panel), and keep going. You'll find a door, and neither the panel nor the
button nearby works. Turn around and look at the plank: a job for the Rover!
Send the Rover up the plank, and at the top, turn right into the hole.

Go down the slope, and activate the only switch. It's right in front of you.
Revert when you're done; now the the computer panel near the door works. Access
it with Minoko and hack into both switches. You'll open two doors, including the
one nearby.

So that is the source of all these disturbances! Enter the large room and...
looks like someone doesn't want you here. Anyway, navigating now is hard, unless
you look up. See the giant labels near the top of this dome? Go towards the base
of the pylon named C/2. It was written above the other door you opened.

Once there, go well inside the corridor, and you'll be able to see something
again. Oh, of course, there are enemies in the large room, but it's better to
snipe at them from here than back inside there.

Anyway, open the door and get inside, then cross the corridor until you see
another door which you can't open. There's a huge gap at the top of this door,
however, so send the FlyCam inside and press the button on the other side. Have
everyone activate the regen inside.

On the opposite side of the room is a non-working panel. To its left is a piece
of machinery that Andre' can fix. You can now access the computer panel with
Minoko, but you'll get only a small hint for the next puzzle. The important
thing is, the lift on the side opposite of the regen now works.

Get Minoko and someone else on it; have the other character hold down the lever
so that Minoko can get off at the top. A monster doesn't want this to happen, so
kill it when it appears. Get Minoko off at the top, then let the other character
go back down. Ignore the rest of this section, there's nothing; concentrate on
the sets of moving platform.

They're actually easy to get across. I found the swinging pipe in the first
level tougher! Anyway, make sure you get to the very border of each platform,
and cross the instant you're close. When you get off the final platform make
sure you're on the right side!

Hug the right wall closely; it's ceiling cannon city up ahead! Rush forwards and
head right into the depression, you should just make it even if just barely.
This is the place you would have seen if you looked straight down with the
camera back in the room with the regen.

Anyway, get down in the hole, recharge your weapons energy if you need to, then
access the computer. There's three ceiling cannons to access, so make sure you
use them all three at least once. While you're there, kill anything you see;
there's one spawning spider and tons of mini spiders.

Once the room is clear and all three cannons are on your side, try to approach
the door. A floor monster tries to scare you, but just hide behind the computer
in the middle, and blow it up. Open the door and go outside.

The tunnel just ahead is the way forwards, but we'll need the rest of the team
first. Go either left or right, and open the door at the end. Careful, behind
the left door there might still be a dangerous stomping rat! Anyway, follow
either corridor until you're back where the rest of the team is.

Heal anyone as necessary, and return back to the room with the weapons energy
panel and the dead floor monster. Recharge anyone as necessary, then send Amber
alone through the corridor opposite this room.

There are three floor monsters in this corridor, and another one up the stairs.
It's better to have Amber alone, so you can use missiles easily. If you're about
to run out of energy, you might want to return to the weapons energy charger.

Once the way up is clear, gather the team and go up the stairs. You'll be at
what only looks like a dead end. There's a small window inside here; send the
FlyCam inside, then turn around and look to the right of the window. Press the
buttom, then quickly revert - a floor monster appears in that room.

Kill it from beyond the window, then enter the door that has opened, and have
everyone activate the regen inside. Beyond, in these few rooms, there's three
stomping rats. They can knock you down easily and from great distances, then
charge you and repeat. Needless to say, take them out quickly! The extractor's
alt fire works particularly well on tight groups.

Get Minoko in the large room. If you look left, you'll see a cell with the other
technician locked in. We'll free him in a moment. Turn right, towards the red
lit section, and get in the room at the end. You'll see the dead floor monster
you killed earlier inside.

Turn right, and access the computer panel there. Hack into the camera and you'll
see the inside of the cell; the number on the floor is what you need to input in
the console nearby.

There's a trick to it, though: you need to hold down the button until the number
before the one you want to imput comes up, then leave it. When you leave it, the
number will automatically go up one. So, to make things short, input 6 if you
really mean to input 7.

When all four numbers are inside, the top left room in the panel above will
blink on. Exit, and go to the room with the technician. Talk to him; he'll give
you a card, then exit. Well, at least we don't have to escort him or anything.
Anyway, from the cell's exit, turn left - it's opposite of the control room.

You'll see some sort of comptuer on a wall. Insert the card, and the wall opens.
Get everyone in the mid-room beyond, then in the room up the short slope.
Activate the regen, then look around.

You've definitely seen the two girls in the picture, but what about this robot
near the play cubes and the horrid drawing? Could it be that...? Anyway, access
the computer near the regen. The switch moves the picture, and inside you'll
find a disk. We'll need this later, so just hang on to it.

Picking up the disk has also opened a door; find it, it's on the right side,
beyond the robot and the play cubes. Inside, you'll see a large square machine
in the middle of the room. If you look at the broken section near the door,
you'll see that a piece is missing.

Pick Amber, and cross the room. There's a broken set of doors ahead, get inside.
There's several things to do, but let's take care of the electrified floor on
the left. Go past it, and you'll be in a showers room. This place has some
serious fires going on.

Go through the doorway with a powerful jet coming down the ceiling. There's some
sort of scanner here, but if you try to go through, you'll see that Amber is
emitting radiation, and you won't be accepted. Looks like being powered by a
nuclear reactor has its disadvantages.

Anyway, open the door here, and look right. Turn the water pressure valve, then
go back to the main room. If you look near the other flame, you'll see some kind
of pump. Hold down the lever beside the indicator, and you'll shoot jets of
water up to the flame.

You'll know that the flames have been extinguished when you'll see two blips
coming from the other room. Go inside and take out both enemies. You're done
here for now, so go back to the electrified floor, and cross the corridor to the
other side.

Enter the room, and cross it. There's nothing here right now. You'll be in
another small corridor, but both ends are blocked, so go in the room on the
other side. Take a look around. Check out that array of panels near the floor:
one of them is broken.

Inside, out of reach, is some sort of component. Send the Rover to retrieve it;
you need to go on the sides of the array to get to it. Once you have it, go all
the way back to your team. Put the component in the square machine, then have
Andre' fix it.

This activates a button on the pylon to the right of the broken part. Press it.
Hmmm, this isn't very interesting. However, Amber can now climb on the console
and on the column to the left of the one with the button. This is interesting,
and you'll realize why if you look up. Anyway, have someone press the button

With Amber now on the column, you can easily climb on the wreck just in front of
you. Have the button pressed one last time, and Amber can now climb inside the
ceiling. Follow the only corridor out to another electrified floor, above the
first one.

Follow this ledge, across the beam, to the green-lit area. Hold down the switch;
the electrified floor becomes safe to cross. Switch to the rest of the team, and
go beyond the now safe electrified floor into the showers room. Remember that
scanner Amber couldn't use? One at a time, get inside and cross it.

I know, it's annoying, but you really can't get more than one person inside at
the same time. Well, maybe in multiplayer... Anyway, once you're beyond,
activate the regen on the left, and access the computer to the right of the
door nearby.

Read the mail, then open the door. Guess what's beyond it? Enemies! Kill
everyone, being particularly careful of the venom spider - it likes staying
inside and drop mines. Once everyone is dead, recharge as necessary, and send a
single character in the room beyond.

Turn immediately left, and climb all the stairs - but stop just as you enter the
broken revolving pipe. Look down it; there's a fan going up and down it. I don't
know what is its point, but it is dangerous. When it's nearby, start making your
run down the pipe.

It's more than doable. Before the end, you should see an opening on the right.
Go out, and you'll find a switch that stops all the fans. Then get back inside
(wait until the pipe revolves), and go right into the exit. You can make it here
in one go, if you're fast, though.

Inside, go through the stopped fans (they're still moving if you didn't pull the
lever, but they're slow and/or broken). You'll go down a hole and fall down in a
room. Find the door here that leads back to the room with the regen: press the
button on it, and get the whole team here.

Opposite the door are two panels, with a piece of machinery middle and a label
C/5 over it. Recharge everyone's energy, then access the computer panel with
Minoko. You'll open a door that Amber will need soon. Anyway, there's still one
thing left to do.

Send Andre' through the large doorway in this room, it's opposite the breakable
glass. There's a switch there needing repairs... although the door doesn't
really work well. Anyway, rejoin your team, then switch back to Amber.

You should still be up in the corridor, holding down a switch. Leave it, then
turn right and drop on the blue armoire near the floor. As soon as you jump
down, the armoire will open and a monster comes out. Take it out, then follow
the tunnel at the end of the corridor - it's to the right of the switch.

Go down here, and through the open door. Kill all the monsters that appear, then
ignore the stairs and head in the passage to the stairs' left. There's an
elevator here, but it has no floor; carefully look inside, to the left.

You can see the access buttons, but you can only shoot them. Do so, and the
elevator will fall down. Now you can climb on it, then climb on the thin ledge
near the doors, and finally rush through the doors. If you're wondering, you can
go all the way up the stairs, blow some panels away, then get on top of the
elevator. But I'm yet to see the point in that, since you can't lower the
elevator and it's otherwise a dead end up there.

Anyway, before you do anything, go to the other room and activate the regen with
Amber. Recharge her weapons energy with the panel near the C/5 computer, then
break the glass nearby if you haven't already. It's a huge electrified floor out
there, so send Amber ahead.

Follow this walkway until you find a block you can climb on. There's a switch
here; hold it down to toggle electricity to another section. Now the rest of the
team can pass safely through the walkway into the hole behind Amber. Have Amber
let go of the switch, and everyone can safely pass on the room on the left.

Get out of this room by opening the doors, then hang a left. Activate the regen
with everyone, and carefully walk in the corridor. You're very near both enemy
spawners, so they will NOT let you go until you blow them up. We'll do that in

As you walk through the corridor, it will collapse; but don't go in the hole
below the door on the right yet. Keep going forwards, keeping enemies off of
you, and enter the door on the end. You really get to make a stand in this room;
it shouldn't be hard, but you need to protect Minoko as she access the panel

There are two cannons; one in each spawner room. You can kill as many enemies as
you want, but they'll keep coming. Instead, concentrate on the tubes that litter
the rooms. Blow them up, but be careful: Mutated Lucys #9, #10, #11, #12, #13
and #14 come to play as you do. Blow them quickly with the cannons.

Once both spawners have been stopped, it's time to go back to where Minoko's
father was stuck. Exit this room where you got through originally, and go to the
broken floor. Turn left, below the door, and climb the makeshift steps into the
room. In the far wall, there's a hole.

It's the same hole that monsters kept coming down, near the wooden plank. Told
you they wouldn't stop coming down until the level was almost over! Go down
into the room, killing any stragglers, then go back up the wooden plank. At the
end of the corridor is the room where Minoko's father is stuck.

Once you're there, insert the disk you got all the way back, behind the picture
of the two girls, into the object he was trying to reach. Wait a while. Hmmm,
that promises little good... still, behind the time stopping prison, a computer
panel is now available. Have Minoko access it, and free her father.

What the hell? How the hell did she get there? Listen to the revelations.
Makes sense if you think hard enough - or don't think at all, your choice.
Ah, well, while we're here we might as well make the best of it. Shoot the
panel, and access the console behind it; there's quite a lot to do, so let's
tackle it left to right.

Camera: it just shows the room you're in.
Cannon: look around. There's three doors; two have large padlocks, so shoot
them. This will open the third door. Kill the monster, then blow the
thing you can barely see behind the door. This will stop more enemies
from coming in.
Cannon: you can shoot two things: some shelves and a fan. But the most important
thing is that you disabled this cannon by hacking into it.
Switch: this turns off the huge hologram where the game's main baddie is.

Back to the rest of the team, talk to Dr. Molenski. Follow him - just a quick
note: he's invulnerable, so never worry about him dying or something. He'll
stop, but he'll go continue after you talk to him. Don't worry, he's not going
back! Keep following him, you'll activate a regen, but you might lose him as you
take out more enemies.

He's not far: go into the large chamber, and hang a left. He's waiting for you
there. Keep following him, and he'll stop at times to wait for you. Kill anyone
who bothers you. At the end, he'll enter door C/3, and get inside. Activate the
final regen of the game, and recharge anyone who needs to at the final weapons
energy panel.

Leave everyone but Amber here, and have her follow Molenski down the tunnel.
Open the door at the end, and kill anyone here. Molenski will go up the slope;
follow him, but he's stuck at a door. Open the other set of doors up here, it's
the other door you blew open with Minoko.

Inside, there's lots of lasers, but they don't make Amber as much as blink.
Go down the slope under the cannon, and up the stairs. You'll end up in the
mainframe room. Minoko is here, but only her father can free her. Go to the left
of the mainframe, and you'll find a switch to open the door. Finally, Minoko is

Have her talk to her father, then return back down to the rest of the team. Have
Minoko access the computer panel, and activate the only switch. When you're all
fit and ready, press the button to open the door, which had closed, and approach
the beam in the middle.

As soon as you get close... well, do I have to spoil it for you? Come on, you
already know what's gonna happen. What's a game without an end boss? Besides, if
you remember a cutscene some five levels ago, you already know who's going to

Alright, as bosses go this one's a wimp, except that he can kill any member with
a single swipe, and has tons of hit points. There are several strategies to use,
of course, but no special trick to beating him, or weak spots, or anything.

Quelle: Gamefaqs
gruss Cyby

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Beitragvon Tamagott » Do 5. Aug 2004, 20:30

:D Erst mal Danke.
Melde mich hier nochmal.
Grüße aus Nürnberg
Planung ersetzt den Zufall durch den Irrtum.

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