Jak 2 kommt im Bergtempel nicht weiter.Hilfe!

Alles rund um die Konsolen von Sony. (PS3, PS Vita usw.)
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Jak 2 kommt im Bergtempel nicht weiter.Hilfe!

Beitragvon zageto » So 16. Mai 2004, 10:54

Wer kann jak helfen. Er findet im Bergtempel diese verfluchte

Linse nicht. :confused: :confused:

Laut Karte befindet sie sich im Wasser wo man irgendwie nicht

rein kommt. Bin für jeden Tip dankbar.
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Beitragvon Cyby » So 16. Mai 2004, 15:47

hallo zageto :)

Find Lens in Mountain Temple

Remember that path to the left that we ignored at the start of this mission?
Yes? Good. Return and head in that direction. Take out a shield-bearing Metal
Head followed by a group of three babies. Cross the waterfall area and you'll
get to fight that mini-boss again. Of course, it's still the same thing as
before, so beating it shouldn't cause any trouble. Like before, hit the switch
and use the new platform to reach the next series of grassy steps.

On the ledge across from you is another shield-carrying dude, so take him out
before trying to jump over there. Once he's been taken care of, though, you're
free to head over past where he was. Cross the narrow path and it'll crumble
away, leaving three moving platform suspended in the air. Use them to reach the
next area, then shoot the subsequent platform and cross another crevice.

Ahead is a moving platform that is simple enough to cross, so do so. A whole
bunch of little baby Metal Heads will emerge from the water ahead, but taking
them down is a simple task. Cross over the water and take out all of the Metal
Heads on the path that leads forward.

Once they're all gone, hit the switch in the grass and use the new platforms to
reach the new ledge. Again, a group of little MH's will jump out from the
water. Again, they're ridiculously easy to kill. Grab what they leave behind
and enter the building ahead, where you'll find the third and final artifact:
the lens. Good work!
Quelle: Gamefaqs

wenn das mit den englischen nicht so klappt
kann man sich das hier übersetzen lassen :)
gruss Cyby

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Beitragvon zageto » Mo 17. Mai 2004, 20:03

Hy Cyby,

nett von dir das du so schnell antwortest, Jak wird's

dir danken.

Werde es erst mal übersetzen lassen und dann loslegen!

Danke. :)

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