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Beitragvon DunkenMcCloud » Fr 23. Apr 2004, 10:03

Hallo erstmal,

ich komme nicht weiter, finde im Net auch nur Englische Lösungen, die mir nicht gerade weiter helfen!

Bin im Underground und habe alle 3 Spiegel im Schrein. Auch das Blau-Weisse Tor ist geöffnet. Nur wenn ich zum Lift gehe, dann passiert nix. Das ist der einzigste Ausgang, bin schon stundenumher geirrt, kann mir jemand sagen, wie ich diesen Lift aktivieren kann??


Hat jemand vielleicht eine Deutscher Lösung, die mir weiterhilft?
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Beitragvon Cyby » Sa 24. Apr 2004, 22:03

hi DunkenMcCloud :)

habe Evergrace selber noch nicht gespielt und
finde leider auch nur englische Lösungswege
aber eins davon hört sich so ganz gut an

da steht zum schluss, das man bestimmte Stiefel anhaben sollte,
vielleicht liegt es ja daran
ich geb die mal den englischen Abschnitt:

5. The Underground Shrine

Needed items for area: Armament with fire magic, such as solta sword and flayed skin
armor. An armament with ice/water magic such as majestic sword and frost Armour. An
armament with earth, such as serrated blade is needed as well.

This is the most common place to screw people up, BUT MAKE SURE TO GET THE ZUL'S TOY
BEFORE YOU ACTIVATE THE LIGHTNING SEAL. Anyway, you start at the north wing; the center
wing connects the four wings (north south east and west, duh).
The south wing contains a statue, and contains mirrors once you have activated the seals.
The west wing has three branches; to its west is the green door. To its north is the
chamber of beginning, and the white door. To its south is a sealed door with the royal
boots inside. To its east, is the center chamber

The east wing has the red door with the ice seal to the north, ___to the south and a new
hallway in the east. The new hallway has the exit (to the royal commons) to the north,
with a chest on the path (it was empty for me), and to the south is a door containing
heroic necklace.

First thing to do, is to walk down from the save point in the north path down to the
center chamber. No hard task, but make sure to watch out for the electric monsters on the
walls that can knock you down into the pits on either side of the path. Once you reach
the center chamber you will fight a rock golem, not a boss fight, and you will need to
fight a few more. There is a large chance he will drop palmira ore. Head to the chamber
of beginning, which is north of the west wing. The west wing contains a rock golem
similar to the center wing's golem. There you will find a red orb-like object floating
above an alter of some kind. Use an ice attack, such as ice raid, on the orb. Make sure
it connects with the orb the statue turns red, and that a red door opens.

After, head east, past the center wing and into the east wing. There is yet another rock
golem here, and you should go north into the red room. Use a fire attack on the orb
inside. Make sure you don't activate the lightning orb yet.

Don't activate the lightning orb. First, go to the mirrors in the south wing. When
mirrors are activated, a monster appears, and you cant move that particular mirror again
until you kill the monster. Activate the red mirror to open the green door. Head over to
the west wing to pick up the infamous Zul's Toy! It is a great weapon after you upgrade
it to full, but it sucks before then. It costs about 8777 to upgrade, 1000 the first time
and the rest the second time, so I recommend using a mushroom for the latter. It may seem
like a lot, but it is an investment, I made that much money back fighting the monsters in
the mirror room trying to figure the puzzle out. After that, activate the red mirror
again, and head to the yellow room, south of the east wing, and use earth/tree magic on
the lightning orb. This will open the white door, which is near the chamber of beginning.

Head over there and pick up a red fruit in the chest. Return to the south wing with the
mirrors, and adjust the green mirror. South of the west wing is a pair of royal boots.
Return to the mirrors and adjust the red mirror. Go to the hallway east of the east room
and head south. Inside is a heroic necklace.

Return to the mirrors. Adjust the red mirror and then the green. If it doesn't open a
door when you adjust the green, adjust it two more times. That should open the exit,
which is north of the chest with the heroic necklace. Equip guard boots and hop onto the
lift in there.
Now you will find...

Quelle: Gamefaqs
gruss Cyby


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