Evil dead- wer übersetzt mir bitte den eng. Lösungsweg?

Alles rund um die Konsolen von Sony. (PS3, PS Vita usw.)
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Evil dead- wer übersetzt mir bitte den eng. Lösungsweg?

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many thanks to Brian Mckay
By Brian Mckay (y2mckay@hotmail.com)

1.1 Quick Strategy guide
1.2 Speed walkthrough


Okay, I won't go through many tips on how to defeat each boss in this
part, because they really aren't that hard and you'll figure it out
quickly enough, so why ruin the surprise? If you're really stuck you can
read more about them in the walkthrough. They are not your biggest
challenge, however. The worst foes are those damn deadites (often in
pairs) who pop up out of the ground every ten seconds. For the new
player, they will be tough to get past. So here's some recommendations

1)If you don't see anything in the immediate area that you need, then
just try to run away from them. Only stand and fight if there's power
ups to get and they are in your way.
2)Save boomstick and pistol ammo for these guys. Try to position Ash so
he's facing multiple enemies, and he will hit both at the same time
with whatever firearm he uses. If you are going for a finishing move,
check the inventory screen first and make sure your gun is loaded so
you'll have something to finish them off with. Otherwise they just stay
stuck on your chainsaw, leaving you vulnerable.
3)If you'd rather save ammo, the axe works fine too. These bastards will
scratch you good or puke acid on you, so try and use the old left-right
combo effectively and hit them before they can hit you. Study their
attack patterns and learn when to jump back and when to move in for the
hit. The jump back is the closest thing you have to a blocking manuever,
and will save you from getting clawed up if you time it right.
4)Don't let them flank you in a narrow path. This is a real bad place to
be. They will block your way, so concentrate on one at a time and get
past him so you can keep them both facing you. These things are
territorial, so they won't follow you too far if you decide to run.
5)ALWAYS go for the "finishing kill" move. This is not always possible
because sometimes they just die on you. But if you see them kind of get
woozy and look stunned, then get up close and use the chainsaw on them.
They will spasm on the end of your saw. Now, BEFORE you hit the axe/gun
button to finish them off, make sure you use the one-liner button to
toss out an insult. THEN, finish him with the secondary weapon. This
increases your odds of getting a good power up left behind when he dies.
It doesn't always work, in fact, sometimes it will go for long stretches
without giving you anything. But it works often enough to keep you alive
if you do it right.
6)There are other, lesser enemies in the game that respawn, like flying
skulls and those wierd little things that hop around in the Damascus
Temple. Do not waste ammo or even chainsaw fuel on them. They are not
hard to kill and do little damage, so just swing with the axe and
turned-off chainsaw and you will take them out, or just ignore them even
better. You can't really do the finishing kill on them cuz they die to
quick, but they do often leave behind lesser power-ups.
7)Always throw out one-liners in every fight. A lot of times it doesn't
do anything, but sometimes it increases your odds of them leaving stuff
behind when they die, even without finishing kills. Often they will back
off or run away for a moment, which helps if you have 2 or more of them
attacking you at once. Besides, It's fun to hear Ash talkin' smack,
repetition aside.
8)Always look for and take mushrooms. You can tell they are regenerating
nearby if you hear a strange low humming sound. Unless the area is
crawling with deadite respawners, hang around for a few minutes and you
should be able to pick up at least a couple of mushrooms. Collecting
them is where a big part of your fuel and first aid will come from, so
never pass one up. This goes for other little items like moonshine, etc,
that can be used for health or fuel. Not all items glint at you, so
always search an area carefully.

1.2 Okay, now for the QUICK WALKTHROUGH part.

This will help you get through the game from point A to B to C with the
most efficiency and least backtracking through deadite-infested lands.
Essential items are in capital letters. I'm not going to tell you where
every little power up is, so when I say search an area carefully, I mean

CABIN: There are two deadites in the cabin who shouldn't respawn once
you kill them. Search the cabin carefully for items and powerups,
including the first necronomicon page. Once you've cleaned out the
inside of the cabin, go out the back door and grab the CROWBAR. Save
your game in the workshed if you must (groovy). Go back through the
cabin to the front yard, and move off to the right, past the spot where
you buried your old headless sweetheart Linda years ago. There's a
SHOVEL there, but don't take it yet. Go through the path infested with
deadites until you reach the redneck ranchhouse

HELLBILLY HOUSE: be sure to pick up the CRANK by the junked cars. You
can't get inside the house (if you can call it that) until you start the
GENERATOR, so kill the redneck deadite at the still, pick up all
powerups in the area, and head past the still and into the woods maze.
Now, once you get into the woodmaze, I recommend that you get a piece of
paper and start mapping your every move, marking dead ends and power up
locations as well. It's not that hard to do, and it will save you some
time running around in the woods and will also be good to refer back to
during subsequent replays. Don't trust the onscreen map for this part,
cuz it sucks. From the hellbilly house, once you enter the wood maze,
take a left and then another left, and you will find the lawnmower. Use
the CORD from it to go back and start the generator. This will piss off
the inbred Jeds in the cabin, and they will open the door and come out.
They're not too hard to kill, just don't let them flank you. Go inside,
and find the TABLE in the corner. Stand on it and use the crowbar on the
trap door. It's easy to miss this the first time you play because unless
you face the table the right way, you can't climb up on it with the use
button. Talk to the crazy old beotch upstairs, and she will give you a
PIGSTY KEY. Go back downstairs.

Move through the rest of the cabin, and once you read the little paper
on how to make that grade A triple-X moonshine, you will be able to
convert red mushrooms and whiskey (among other things) to chainsaw fuel.
This is a good thing, cuz it's been in real short supply so far. Getting
this skill makes life a lot easier. Kill a few more rednecks that pop
up, then go to the blood filled room in back and out into the pigsty
with the key the old woman gave you. Kill the demonoid pigs, grab the
PUMP machinery, and go back into the blood filled room. Use it and the
crank to drain the blood and find a grate. Open it and go down, kill
another porker, and get an AMULET for the old woman upstairs. Save your
game if you have a tape, then take it back up to her. The ungrateful
bitch will turn into the first boss of the game and attack. She's not
that hard to kill, but you have to time your blows just right and run
around a lot to keep up with her. Don't waste ammo on her, just get in
close with bladed weapons. When she's dead, you get HERBICIDE, a page,
and a save tape downstairs. Go save your game.
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Bastian, das kannst du auf http://www.linguadict.de selber machen. ;)

Dort kann man einzelne Passagen von maximal 1000 Wörtern übersetzen lassen.
MFG Holmon
Nichts ist mehr wert als ein Lächeln ;-))

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