Hilfe bei Bugs Bunny und Taz im Wettlauf gegen die Zeit

Alles rund um die Konsolen von Sony. (PS3, PS Vita usw.)
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Hilfe bei Bugs Bunny und Taz im Wettlauf gegen die Zeit

Beitragvon Karnickl » Fr 30. Jan 2004, 17:52

Ich schreibe im Auftrag von Tiger25:
Ich komme bei Bugs Bunny und taz Im wettlauf gegen die zeit nicht weiter
Im Windtempel in der arabischen Zeit hatte ich schon alle Luftströme an aber ich komme nicht auf die andere Seite wo der Geist oben Drauf ist. vielleicht kann mir jemand sagen wie es funktiniert oder hat eine Komplettlösung egal in welcher Sprache für mich Danke
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Beitragvon Cyby » Fr 30. Jan 2004, 21:53

hi @all :)

Bugs Bunny und taz Im wettlauf gegen die zeit

There's a 5-gear hidden in a
vase next to the door of the Wind Temple just ahead (382). Inside, there's
one gear on the top platform and one down by the air streams themselves
(384). Now the problem is getting across to the genie. Those holes all have
swirl symbols by them, so Taz can turn them on and off by spinning near them.
But they don't necessarily control the one that they're next to. They don't
necessarily just control one, either. There are two ways to solve this
problem, but for the ease of explaining let me number these switches. As you
walk in, the board looks like this:

1 2 3
4 5 6
7 8 9

The first way is the 'correct' way. Create a path from start to finish by
spinning on the right switches. You can spin on 8, 5, and 6 to create a path
along the left side. Now call Taz back and use him to trampoline over to the
air stream above 7. Earcopter at the highest point of your jump and you'll
glide onto the top of it. From there it's fairly trivial to cross to the end.

The other way probably wasn't intended, but still works and is quicker in my
opinion. Have Taz spin on 8, then collect him and bugs down at the air stream
above 0. This works best if Taz is slightly to the left or right of the air
stream, as Bugs has to move a bit in one direction so he'll actually land on
top of the stream rather than coming up from under it. Trampoline jump on
Taz, then just before the height of your jump, move towards the air stream.
As soon as Bugs starts to head downward again, hit Triangle for his dive. If
it's after the apex of his jump, Bugs will gain a little extra height with a
small jump and this will be just enough to land you on top of the air stream.
It's not simple, but it'll get you there.

With all four genies freed, head over to the Genie Temple.
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