Dark Angel --- HILFE!

Alles rund um die Konsolen von Sony. (PS3, PS Vita usw.)
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Dark Angel --- HILFE!

Beitragvon Neomed » So 30. Nov 2003, 10:10

brauche Hilfe bei der Mission mit dem Zug(nach dem schiff), wo ich mich nicht sehen lassen darf. ich habe alles geschafft und alle gegner umgebracht, aber ich weiß nicht, wie ich auf den dummen zug zur satschüssel komme! hat jemand die mission schon hinter sich? helft mir....biiitteeee

c ya
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Beitragvon Mev » So 30. Nov 2003, 11:01

Ich hoffe du kannst Englisch!

James Cameron's Dark Angel
Enemy List

A - Introduction
B - About
C - Friend's
D - Basic Enemies
E - Enhanced Enemies
F - Boss's
G - Credits
H - Contact INFO


A: Introduction

Dark Angel is created by Fox interactive and is a counter part of the popular
TV Series starring Jessica Alba and Michael Weatherly. I decided to make this
FAQ because Dark Angel is actually quite difficult when you think about it. The
enemies are very similar but do have differencies and can be killed quicker
using different techniques.

B: About

CREDIT: Fox Interactive

Avenge her past. Discover her future. Based on the hit series created by
academy award winner, James Cameron and Charles H. Eglee. Dark Angel is the
story of Max, a genetically enhanced soldier, who cunningly fights to reclaim
her manipulated past and avoid capture through the underground landscape of
post-apocalyptic Seattle. Her streetwise instincts and fearless hand-to-hand
combat skills are crucial to her survival. Trusted cyber-journalist Logan Cale
aids Max's quest to defeat I- Corp, the secret organisation that rose out of
the ashes of Manticore, her military creator, and discover the truth of her

C: Friends

Logan is an Eyes Only Cyber-Jopurnalist battling repression and coruption in
post-apocalypse Seattle. Logan provides Max with valuable outside information
for each of the missions that she partakes in. Logan's advanced surveillance
and communication systems allows him to see into facilities and help Max avoid
certain dangers.

She's Max's best friend. For Original Cindy, style is everything and she makes
up her own as she goes along. Street wise, fearless and clear believer in the
idea that theres no such thing as coming too strong, she knows how to handle
herself in nearly every situation.

D: Basic Enemies

These are the most easiest enemies in the game. They wear caps and are not
armed usually, but can be equipped with trojans. The best way to defeat these
enemies is just basic punches with added kicks.

Strange enough these unarmed badies are stronger than the police but yet can be
taken down easily with Punches and Kicks.

Just like the lab guys, these enemies are basic enough and can be taken out
with basic punches and kicks, but need extra puching as they have a higher
defense than both the Polics and Lab guys.

These guys are really annoying when they attack in groups. Yet they can be
killed with quick tatics. They can either attack with Hand-to-Hand, with
trojans or with Guns. With Hand-to-Hand ones just attack quickly with kicks,
punches do not do as much damage. One's with trojans basicaly do the same
attack with kicks and finish em quickly. The ones with guns, firstly grapple
them to get there guns out of their hands, then finish them with kicks.

These enemies come with both guns and Hand-to-Hand. With Hand-to-hand use
grapples and punches to finish them quickly. Ones with Guns again use a grapple
first to get their gun out of their hands then use punch.
Tips: Right and Triangle is the best grapple to use.
Tips: Spin Upper Cut is a good puching combination to hurt them quicker, just
tap Square 5 times.

E: Enhanced Enemies

These are the most annoying enemies in the game, they like to grapple so do not
get to close to them for a long time. They seem to be enhanced with extra
strength so take them out quickly. Using Kicks is pretty useless as it does not
take a lot off, so by puching is the best bet, also using the flip of the wall.
To kill them extra quickly, equip the Tonfas so when you punch, more damage is
given, but be careful after about 4-5 hits they break and disappear.

F: Boss's

Lol, Beetle was really hard for me to start with but then after i got use to
him, he was really easy. If you die, you face him again staright away so don't
worry if you do die. He like to roll at you a lot, which takes quite a bit of
health away. The best way i found to dodge this was to use either left or right
pressing Jump at the same time and then you do a matrix style sidewards roll.
Don't attack him when he is about to bring up a barrier around him otherwise it
will not only take life of you, but send you backwards which gives him chance
to roll at you. He also sends two green bolts at you. Again dodge these by
rolling out the way. The best time to attack him is just after he uses the
barrier, either use rage and quickly punch him or tap punch as many times as
you can. Kicks are much slower and he gets out the way.

Very much like Beetle. I actually found Gecko much easier as his roll is more
easier to dodge, just use the same tatics as above, except once you punch him,
move backward otherwise he will send bolts at you and counter it. Just keep
attacking, move back, attacking, move back etc and he will be dead very soon.
However if you die you have to start the level again so be careful.

Fox Interactive must have a problem or something because Stingray is again like
the other bosses. Use exactly the same tatics. However the green bolts are
harder to dodge and you need to run away more than just jumping otherwise he
wil hit you. Again punching is so much more effective than kicking so keep to

As maybe you have guessed, Bear is much stronger than the previous bosses, and
i felt harder. However his big charge is pretty predictable when you get use to
it. However, kicking is much more effective than puching this time. Using the
Rev Crescent is the most effective i found, which is X - X,X,X

By Far the hardest of all the Bosses. She likes to hit you a lot, and lol it
wil kill you if you let her do it. Kicks and grapples are best uses, but only
use grapples effectivly as otherwise she will quickly punch you. No particualar
Kick works better, just best to Bash the buttons and Spin Kick her. With rage
you should finish her without dying plus with the Tonfas equipped, punching is
really effective.

G: Credits

I would really only like to thank Fox Interactive for turning one of my fav TV
programmes into a game, but maybe they should have spent more time on it. Also
a HUGE thanks to GAMEFAQS for posting this FAQ for Enemies for James Cameron's
Dark Angel for PS2.

H: Contact Info

If you would like to contact me at all, please send an email to


make sure you put Dark Angel as a subject otherwise i will probably not notice
it and delete it not knowing it is about the Game.

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Beitragvon Neomed » So 30. Nov 2003, 11:51

danke für deine bemühungen! aber den text habe ich leider auch schon gefunden. da steht zwar drin, wie ich mit den gegnern umgehen kann aber keine Level-Lösung!
falls du jemanden kennst, der das schonmal durchgespielt hat, sag einfach mal bescheid ;-))
trotzdem vielen dank an dich

c ya

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