Hilfe für Freedom Fighter

Alles rund um die Konsolen von Sony. (PS3, PS Vita usw.)
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Hilfe für Freedom Fighter

Beitragvon Podollan9 » Di 11. Nov 2003, 22:47


bräuchte eure Hilfe.
Wie komme ich zur Feuerwache wenn ich die Brücke zuvor
schon in die Luft gesprengt habe?

Finde keinen Weg!!!

Habe die anderen beiden Fahnen schon gehisst.
Mir fehlt noch diese eine und ich komm nicht ran.

Need Help!!!

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Beitragvon Cyby » Mi 12. Nov 2003, 20:32

hi Podollan9 :)

hoffe mal das es der richtige Abschnitt ist
weil ich Freedom Fighter nicht gespielt habe
wenn nicht dann melde dich nochmal :)

Area 3

:: Gas Station ::

From the start, recruit as many fighters as you can. One is to your left and
two are inside the garage. After recruiting, heal the guy in the garage (+15).
Go out into the street corner. Run up the steps and on top of the green station
with the tripod on top. Use it to kill all the soldiers that are straight
ahead: don't worry about the ones to your left unless they come towards you.
Once they enemy stronghold in front of you is no more, go up this way.

As you round the corner to the left take out any soldiers close by. Zigzag your
way down the sloping street. Halfway down and to the right are some fighters
and pickups. As you get to the end, around the left bend is another entrenched.
Make a b-line for the pile of debris to the left. Climb up and into the
building. Shoot the two soldiers up here then pick up the sniper rifle. Use it
to take out as many soldiers as possible. When you run out of bullets, swap
your weapons again and go back down the debris and into the streets. Send your
men down here to take care of the remaining two or three soldiers. Follow them

Once they're all dead, head behind this entrenchment to where the street drops
off. Instead of following down to the train tracks, head through the doorway to
the right of you (to the left are some fighters if you need some). At the
bottom of the stairwell is a room with a few guys in it. Kill them and head
through the doorway out onto the train tracks.
Turn and go left, down the tracks.
When you pass the broken bridge keep going down further until you see a
good bridge.

Walk near the beam that's damaged under it and place the C4 that
you got from the diner of the hotel level. Once it's planted keep rushing down
and hop up on the dumpster to the right. Note that the train to the left of
this dumpster has a few medic kits in it.

Climb up the ledge and jump through the blown-out wall. Up here to the right
are some fighters and a manhole if you want to quick-save. Take the path to the
left. Pass the dumpster and turn right then go down. Out in the street to the
left is a bunch of soldiers. Hide behind the barrier and wait for them to come
to you and be slaughtered. Use your molotovs or grenades to kill the groups of
men in the back. With no one out in the street in front of you, dash across to
the other side for cover. Run down the path over here where the white beams
around. A few men will pop out. Kill them and take care of the guys behind the
barriers up here.

On the other side of the green station is a doorway light up blue. Go inside
this fire station. When you see the room with the fire trucks in it, take cover
in the doorway. Shoot them from here, having your squad defend this area. Doing
this will make them hiding and pop out when necessary. Go to the left side wall
and look for the steps. Take them up and take care of the soldiers up here.
Continue up the next flight straight ahead. Run through this area and up yet
another flight that leads to the rooftop. If you didn't kill the soldiers up
here from the streets earlier, do so now. Now go to the flag and hoist your new
one (+25). Go to the warehouse district
gruss Cyby


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