Dark Cloud2 Hilfe!!!

Alles rund um die Konsolen von Sony. (PS3, PS Vita usw.)
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Dark Cloud2 Hilfe!!!

Beitragvon Vera-Katharina » Sa 13. Sep 2003, 06:44

Brauche dringend Hilfe bei Dark Cloud2(Dark Chronicle).
Bin in Sindain im Regenbogen-Schmetterlings-Wald beim Boss,da wo der geheimnissvolle kleine Sumpf ist,dort mußte man eine Blume im Wasser pflanzen,aber wie bekomme ich sie zum blühen??? Irgend etwas fehlt noch,aber was???Wer kann mir helfen und gibt mir einen Tip?
Ganz viele Grüße,Vera
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Beitragvon Cyby » Sa 13. Sep 2003, 18:10

hi Vera-Katharina :)

habe selber Dark Cloud2 nicht gespielt
müßte aber die stelle sein wo du nicht weiterkommst :)
wenn nicht bitte melden

Rainbow Falls ==

You've come the end of the forest. At this point if you don't have the Sundrops or the Lafrescia
Seed, turn back and retrace your steps. If you already have it, throw them both in the small
pond. To do this, walk up to the small pond, press the square button, then use the Lafrescia Seed
and Sundrops.

After throwing in the Lafrescia Seed, a flower will pop out of the water. Throw the Sundrops in
the pond and the flower will outgrow it's own habitat. Touch the white substance that's hanging
off the side of the flower to get pulled up to the top.

Once you land on top of the flower, Monica will give her feelings about the top of the flower,
then Max will point out the Rainbow Butterfly.

== Boss: Rainbow Butterfly ==

See those yellow tentacles coming out of the middle? You need to hit each one with your sword.
Slash each one once and the Rainbow Butterfly will be attracted to the center of the flower. Do
not try to attack the Rainbow Butterfly as you won't inflict any damage to it.

While you're occupied with the yellow tentacles coming out of the middle, the Rainbow Butterfly
will also cfomplicate things for you by sending waves of fire at you. This can do significant
damage to your character but they're easy to avoid.

After all the yellow tentacles have been hit, the Rainbow Butterfly will have been attracted to
the center of the flower. After the Rainbow Butterfly has split into seven different forms,
you'll need to attack it in the following order...

Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet. (Roy G. Biv). For those of you who aren't
familiar with Indigo & Violet, Indigo is a dark purple, while violet is more of a light purple.

What makes this even mre complicating is that you'll have to sneak on them without making a
noise. This means NO RUNNING, NO MAGIC, and NO GUN SHOTS. The easiest way to get around this
is to walk slowly up to the small butterfly so you're standing on the small circular platform,
charge your weapon, then release. After you've defeated all the butterflies, you can return to

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