DaedalusX64 Alpha Rev 489

Alles rund um die Konsolen von Sony. (PS3, PS Vita usw.)
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DaedalusX64 Alpha Rev 489

Beitragvon Lightning » Mi 28. Apr 2010, 11:31

[!] Fixed a nasty bug in our kernelbuttonsPRX, that was causing to limit our frame rate..
[!] Set framelimiter disabled by default, (most games doesn't need it yet)
[+] WIP to ignore COP2..(If any dev feels this change is too radical, feel free to revert it)


Here come the Judgment son
Better get out the way
Here come the Judgment son
We got weapons for days
Here come the Judgment son
It's time to settle the score
Best run for your life
We're the GEARS OF WAR

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