JPCSP 0.5 rev 1474

Alles rund um die Konsolen von Sony. (PS3, PS Vita usw.)
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JPCSP 0.5 rev 1474

Beitragvon Lightning » So 11. Apr 2010, 02:01

Der Dateianhang gsc_jpcsp_naruto.jpg existiert nicht mehr.

  • Revision 1474: Implemented sceRtcGetCurrentClock and sceDisplayIsForeground. Removed AES handling due to new findings. Fixed sceAtracDecodeData. Small fixes for sceMpeg and sceSasCore.
  • Revision 1473: Simple refactorings, nothing changed.
  • Revision 1472: Update from Darth1701: patches for "Ys –THE ARK OF NAPISHTIM-" now require enableMpeg. Added Japanese version too.
  • Revision 1471: Fixed patch for Crisis Core US: since r1470, keep Audio channels enabled.
  • Revision 1470: Improved sceAudioOutput2xxx functions. Reworked and re-enabled AES decryption in pspiofilemgr.
  • Revision 1469: Better display locking between sceUtilityXXX and pspdisplay: show Java GUI also when GE has lists to be processed.
  • Revision 1468: Fixed "Audio disabled (mute)": keep audio functionality, only set the volume to 0.


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