MacroFire v3.1.0

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MacroFire v3.1.0

Beitragvon Lightning » Di 9. Mär 2010, 20:22

Der Dateianhang gsc_mf_analogsens1.jpg existiert nicht mehr.

  • I lost the weight when you start on a trial basis.
  • UMD games from Game ID "-" has gone. (Example: ULJM-00001 -> ULJM00001)
  • PS1 games that you can get the game ID.
  • Homebrew on startup, and then calculate a hash value from the executable, the game was to be used as ID.
  • Macrofire.ini from, [Main] section, [AnalogStick] to delete a section, all the settings in it [Default] moved to the section.
  • Macrofire.ini settings "UseVolatileMemory" was abolished.
  • Macrofire.ini settings "UseGraphicsMemory" is "ForcedLowMemoryMode" to change the name.
  • By dynamically allocated storage for the macro, you can register as a macro as far as memory.
  • Button Settings dialog box for, in addition to automatic detection until now, the choice of buttons to use as it had also been adopted in previous versions.
  • Status notification Engine status notification is to change the name.
  • Status notification to ON, the switching state in addition to the engine run hot key macros / was to show that effect when you stop.

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Better get out the way
Here come the Judgment son
We got weapons for days
Here come the Judgment son
It's time to settle the score
Best run for your life
We're the GEARS OF WAR

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