JPCSP v0.3 Revision 1178

Alles rund um die Konsolen von Sony. (PS3, PS Vita usw.)
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JPCSP v0.3 Revision 1178

Beitragvon Lightning » Fr 11. Sep 2009, 12:44

Der Dateianhang jpcsp.jpg existiert nicht mehr.

  • Revision 1178: improved directory IO behaviour for apps under the ms0 directory
  • Revision 1177: Added LOP Ge command(tested with Logic Sample). Small fix for VFPU instruction V
  • Revision 1176: added support for reading version from optional file jpcsp/title.txt, prints in
  • Revision 1175: Fixed native code sequences for "Hot Wheels Ultimate Racing"
  • Revision 1174: More Native Code patterns for the Compiler (from Posts with Profiler info)
  • Revision 1173: Fix for applications sending FBW before FBP (e.g. Dragoneer’s Aria)
  • Revision 1172: Enable GL_DEPTH_TEST when clearing depth buffer: this is fixing SEGA Rally and D
  • Revision 1171: Implemented texture storage TPSM_PIXEL_STORAGE_MODE_16BIT_INDEXED and TPSM_PIXEL
  • Revision 1170: cb3: deleting in wrong location
  • Revision 1169: cb3: attempting to restore
  • Revision 1168: cb3: attempting to restore


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